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Mental illness is a leading cause of disability and suffering in Australia.  Each year, approximately one in five Australians suffer symptoms of a common mental illness such as depression or anxiety.  The toll on individuals and their families is significant.  In the workplace, mental illness is a leading cause of lost productivity, not only through time off, but also through the illness causing the worker difficulty in functioning in the workplace.

Mental health training programs teach members of the public how to help a person who may be experiencing a mental health problem, or who may be in a crisis.  Like traditional first aid, Mental Health training does not teach people how to diagnose or treat mental problems.  Instead, the training teaches people how to identify potential problems or crisis situations, offer initial support and how and when to refer people to appropriate support services.


Course Details

St John offers a flexible learning pathway to interested participants starting with First Aid for the Mind which can then progress onto Mental Health & Crisis Support.

First Aid for the Mind is a one-day introductory workshop which includes optional eLearning.  It provides participants with information on common mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety, as well as post-traumatic stress, suicidal thoughts and psychosis.

Participants will learn how to identify people who may be suffering from mental health problems, provide initial support and referral to professional services where appropriate.

Participants will also learn how to promote a mentally healthy workplace and are provided with strategies on how to look after themselves.


Course Details


Course Duration

1 day plus optional e-learning.


Theory is detailed in the e-learning module with background information on common mental health illnesses that you may encounter in everyday life and in the workplace.

The day long course includes scenarios and workshops on the following topics:

  • Common mental illnesses
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
  • Psychosis
  • Traumatic events
  • Responding to suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • Looking after yourself
  • Promoting a mentally health workplace

Course Outcomes

There are no assessment requirements for this workshop.  All participants will receive a Statement of Attendance for First Aid for the Mind.


Course Delivery

We take a maximum of 20 participants per day in this day long course which is delivered by St John accredited facilitators.  St John Ambulance Queensland facilitators are accomplished communicators and have considerable experience delivering mental health and wellbeing courses.  Coupled with their practical experience, they have a variety of qualifications in mental health, community service and vocation education and training.  Our facilitators all currently hold leadership and training roles within St John Ambulance Queensland.


Course Pathways

Participants who complete the First Aid for the Mind course can apply for a credit for day one of Mental Health & Crisis Support if they do so within 12 months.  This two-day course with e-learning leads to a Statement of Attainment in CHCCCS019 Recognise and respond to crisis situations.  Mental Health & Crisis Support is delivered in partnership with St John Ambulance Australia Inc. (RTO88041).


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