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First aid matters

First aid matters

Bringing you the latest information on first aid and safety.

Do you have a query about first aid? We offers a range of downloadable fact sheets accessible in multiple languages.

Do you have a query about first aid? 

The St John Ambulance national website offers a range of downloadable fact sheets that provide a guide to first aid, addressing common emergency situations from asthma attacks and eye injuries  to concussions, fractures and dislocations. With over 25 fact sheet available, you will be able to find the information you are looking for.



St John Ambulance believes everyone should know first aid. These fact sheets are provided in a number of languages inlcuding English, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian and Vietnamese.


How to access them?

To access the fact sheets, visit our national website.


Check out our Free First Aid App

St John Ambulance also offers smartphone and tablet apps  which can be downloaded for both Apple and Android smartphone. You can carry over 130 years of first aid research, experience and knowledge right in your pocket.


Check out our App Website for more information.



Our online resources are not a substitute for a first aid training. Book a first aid course online today.

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